Welcome to Speak Up

At SHV we believe in acting with integrity.

We do business in line with our values, policies and the law. So our colleagues, clients and partners know they can trust us.

We believe in a safe, fair and trusted work environment for all.

Honesty and openness is highly valued at SHV. If you feel that something may be wrong, please let us know. It gives us the opportunity to make things right. You can talk to your manager, HR, the Ethics & Compliance officer, or use this confidential Speak Up service.

Share your concern. Together we take action.

Learn about the Speak Up service in this video

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It is vital to take action

It is o.k. to speak up if you feel something could harm the company, a co-worker or yourself. In such a situation it is vital that you take action, even if you're unsure. The faster you tell us, the faster we can solve it. We don't expect you to prove everything, just share the information you have.

Remember that a small contribution...can make a big difference.

Maintaining a safe, fair and trusted work environment concerns all of us.

It is safe and sensible

Feel safe to share your concern with someone you trust or submit your concern securely online or by phone. We keep anything you share confident, as far as we possibly can. You can file a report anonymously, although we encourage you to give your name. It helps to better deal with your concern. We protect you against retaliation. Always share your concerns.