Our Speak Up Culture

Speak Up is not limited to reporting things that have gone wrong. At SHV we foster a culture where people share ideas and opinions. No one knows everything, we all know something. By sharing ideas and thoughts and listening to each other, horizons are widened and better decisions are made.

Learn about our Speak Up culture in this video.
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Speaking up means feeling free to:

  • Ask questions and share ideas
  • Talk about doubts and concerns
  • Be open about your own and other people's mistakes

Who can you speak up to:

  • The person involved
  • Your manager or HR contact
  • The Ethics & Compliance Officer
  • The Speak Up service

Do you want to stimulate an open culture in your team?
Tips for managers

Talk about it

  • Be available, talk with employees regularly so that they are used to it.
  • Speak in terms of “we”​
  • Give honest feedback

Care and act

  • Listen (with an open mind)
  • Act fair and reliable
  • Explain your decisions
  • Ask people for their ideas and opinions

Lead by example

  • Address unrest, uncomfortable or inappropriate situations. Otherwise they will only get worse.
  • Reflect on your own behaviour and how your language or behaviour might affect others.
  • Take responsibility, be open about mistakes you make.