When you call the Speak Up phoneline, you can choose between English and the most common language(s) for your country.

If you choose a language other than English, it may take a few minutes before you speak to a call handler. This is because they may have to involve a translator to assist in the conversation between you and the call handler.

This is not an emergency service

If you are worried about any immediate threat, please contact your public emergency services.

What if the telephone number doesn’t work?

If the telephone number listed is not functioning, please share your concern through the Speak Up website. Mention in the report that the telephone number did not work, so we can fix it.

What if the country I am in is not in the list?

Please choose your Group or SHV Holdings, then select a random country, and choose "Other" in the city field. Later you can fill in the correct location name and address details in the free text field of the report.