Welcome to Speak Up

Speak Up is NatWest Group's whistleblowing service. It enables anyone who acquires information about wrongdoing through work related activity, during recruitment, or as part of any pre-contractual negotiations to report concerns relating to wrongdoing or misconduct in confidence, and anonymously if preferred. It covers all employees and those acting on behalf of or representing NatWest Group (NatWest) such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, temporary staff, secondees, consultants, interns, and volunteers. This also includes any persons formerly in these roles. The service operates across all NatWest Group brands, functions and franchises and legal entities.

To make a report please choose your preferred reporting method from the icons below or select Follow Up to review an existing report.

What happens after I contact Speak Up?

All new reports are passed to the Bank’s internal Speak Up team who ensure they’re managed and investigated in accordance with the Speak Up Policy. We will consider every concern raised and where required we will allocate an independent investigator to examine the issues raised to establish the underlying facts. All colleagues operating the Speak Up framework receive regular targeted training and conflicts of interest controls are in place to ensure your identity is protected and your concerns are managed appropriately.

When you submit a new report, you will receive a report key and password. You can use these details to access your report through NAVEX’s secure reporting channels using the Follow Up option to:

  • Review and confirm the accuracy of your report
  • Provide further information
  • Receive updates on the progress of your report

If you have provided your contact details, the Speak Up team and investigator will engage with you directly through your preferred method of contact.

What is NatWest Group's stance on retaliation?

Feeling free to speak up is valued at NatWest Group. We seek to provide a safe and productive workplace for our employees.

NatWest Group does not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone raising a report. This could be a direct or indirect act or omission, which may cause detriment to the reporting person. This protection also extends to anyone supporting a colleague through this process, in a work-related context.

The dismissal, harassment, victimisation, or any other mistreatment of anyone raising a genuine concern will be viewed as a disciplinary matter. If you believe you have suffered any form of retaliation or detriment as a result of raising a concern, you should contact the Speak Up team so that they can provide support.

Depending on the nature of the concern being raised you may also be afforded protection under local laws. For example, in the UK reporters may also have additional protection under UK legislation.

Who administers the Speak Up reporting channels?

The reporting channels – Report Online and Report by Phone - are operated by an independent company, NAVEX, on behalf of NatWest Group. They provide you with a safe and secure way to report your concerns, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most efficient way to report your concerns is Online.

NAVEX also provide the bank's case management application which facilitates the management of Speak Up reports. The case management application is hosted on NAVEX's secure servers and is not part of NatWest Group’s website or intranet.

Framework Integrity

The NatWest Group Audit Committee (GAC) monitors the effectiveness of the Group’s whistleblowing process and receives updates on the volume of whistleblowing reports and any common themes. The GAC Chairman acts as the Group’s whistleblowing champion.

NatWest Group is a member and supporter of Protect, the whistleblowing charity, working together to improve whistleblowing arrangements and protection for whistleblowers. You can read Protect’s member pledge here.

Where can I find out more?

Further information on Speak Up can be found on the About page.