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Speak Up

“We will always respect you and protect you for having the courage to live Our Code of Conduct. If you see something that breaks Our Code then say something - speak up.”

Rupert Soames, Group Chief Executive

About Speak Up

What is Speak Up?

Speak Up is Serco’s global helpline. It is a confidential channel through which you can raise concerns about things relating to Serco that don’t seem right. You can also use it to ask questions about ethics, compliance and Serco’s Code of Conduct.

How do I Speak Up?

We’ve made sure there are several different ways you can Speak Up. Choose the one that feels most comfortable and safest for you. If possible you should always try to speak to your line manager first. But if you’d rather not, you can call us on one of our 24 hour toll-free numbers. Your call will be handled by an independent service provider (NAVEX Global). Or you can use our online reporting tool. Or you can email or write to Company Secretary, Serco Group plc, Serco House, 16 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook, RG27 9UY, UK.

Do I have to give my name when I Speak Up?

We hope that you will feel able to tell us who you are as this will help us clarify or investigate your concern. But you do not have to if you would rather speak up anonymously. Whether or not you chose to tell us who you are, you will be given a personalised report key and password which you can use to access the Speak Up service to receive updates from us.

What information should I give when I share a concern?

Whether you share a concern through this website or over the phone, you will be asked the same questions. Please help us by answering all of the questions, particularly questions about which part of Serco’s business your concern relates to. Detailed answers help us to fully investigate the matter.

What if I’m worried about sharing a concern?

It is important that you speak up because we can only deal with concerns if we know about them. If you are apprehensive and want to ask any questions about Speak Up before speaking to us about your concern, then you can do this via the website or by phone. And remember, you can do this anonymously if you want. We absolutely prohibit retaliation towards anyone who reports a violation or helps an investigation, and we will protect you and respect you for having the courage to live Our Code.

What happens after I speak up?

Once you submit a question or concern, whether through the website or by phone, you will be given a personalised report key and password which you can use to access the Speak Up service to receive updates from us. Your matter will be reviewed by someone in the Ethics and Compliance team who will decide on what to do next. Our Speak Up process is defined in the Speak Up Group Standard Operating Procedure which is available under resources or on Our World. You can find out more in the Living Our Values section of Our Code of Conduct available at

Are reports to Speak Up secure and confidential?

Serco uses NAVEX Global’s EthicsPoint case management application to support the administration of Speak Up. EthicsPoint is hosted on NAVEX Global’s secure servers and is not part of Serco’s website or intranet. Any report you make will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible consistent with law and good business practices.

Is the Speak Up phone line available in more than one language?

Yes, the Speak Up phone line can take queries and concerns in 75 different languages. Please bear in mind that, in the case of less widely spoken languages, there may be a delay and you may be asked to wait or we may have to call you back.

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