Frequently Asked Questions

How can I continue a call in a different language?
The call will be answered in one of the main languages of the country you are calling from. To continue it in another language, please state your language to request an interpreter. This may take a few minutes but please do not hang up.
Does it help if I identify myself?
Investigating a report is usually faster and more efficient when the Syngenta Compliance Team is able to follow up the issue directly with the person who reported it. If you have identified yourself, every reasonable effort will be made to respect your confidentiality. Your identity will not be disclosed unless necessary for carrying out a proper investigation, required in the course of legal proceedings, or required by local laws. Syngenta will not tolerate any form of retaliation.
How does Syngenta investigate concerns?
When a report is received, NAVEX will notify the Syngenta Compliance Team. If appropriate, they will commence an investigation and share the information in your report with the members of the investigation team. Priority is given to investigating any concerns promptly and sensitively.
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