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Speaking Up

Speaking Up is a safe, independent and confidential way to report known or suspected concerns

Standard Chartered Speaking Up Programme

Standard Chartered is committed to maintaining a culture of the highest ethics and complying with our
Code of Conduct

The Speaking Up Programme helps to build and maintain a culture of strong ethics, integrity, transparency and openness. It shows that we are here for good.

Standard Chartered offers a secure and confidential channel to raise concerns. Your concerns could relate to a number of issues, including breaches of law, regulations or financial crime.

If you know or suspect that misconduct has happened, please inform us through the EthicsPoint website. EthicsPoint is hosted on behalf of Standard Chartered by NAVEX, an independent third party service provider.

With your consent, your report will be provided to an independent team in the Bank to review the concern. The report will be treated sensitively and confidentially and would be managed in accordance with this Speaking Up Programme. NAVEX will not investigate your report.

For customer service or account related queries, please refer to the Standard Chartered website.