Our Commitment

ITP Aero is committed to the highest quality, safety and business ethics standards. Everyone forming part of ITP Aero must behave with integrity, responsibility and honesty in our work. Our Code of Conduct sets out the main accountabilities and obligations that all of us at ITP Aero must meet. The Code is a guide for action to ensure appropriate behavior in our daily work in the countries where we operate around the world.

ITP Aero ensures an environment where open and honest communication is the rule and where you can ask questions and raise concerns about business ethics without fear of retaliation. If you have any questions or concerns about business ethics or the laws and regulations that apply to your workplace, we encourage you to contact your direct supervisor. Functional specialists can also advise on issues related to their expertise, for example Human Resources, Environment, Health & Safety, International Trade or Finance.

We also encourage you to use this service as a resource for anonymous and confidential reporting of violations of our Code of Conduct, as well as for guidance on policies and procedures. The information you provide will be sent to us by EthicsPoint on a totally confidential and anonymous basis if you should choose.

You have our guarantee that your comments will be heard.

See the FAQs for more information.

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Why should I report what I know?

ITP Aero is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where you can ask questions and raise concerns about business ethics without fear of retaliation. Like many large companies, ITP Aero provides the Ethics Line as an optional service for employees and the stakeholders to ask questions or raise concerns about issues related to our Code of Conduct. Although most questions and concerns as employee can be easily and promptly resolved by discussing them with your manager or through another of the channels defined in the ITP Aero Speak Up Policy, the Ethics Line provides an additional way to get help should you feel uncomfortable asking questions or expressing concerns to management. The Ethics Line is not intended to replace conversations between employees and their managers, the Subject Matter Experts or the Local Ethics Advisers, but rather to provide an additional resource to employees.

Who manages the Ethics Line What happens when I share a concern?

Ethics Point is an independent company, which is responsible for the reception of Ethics Line cases and inquiries. This provides to ITP Aero employees with an assurance that their complaints/queries will be kept confidential.

All allegations/queries, whether submitted by phone or online are reviewed in a timely manner by EthicsPoint specialists with appropriate professional training. A report is then sent to ITP Aero's Ethics and Compliance team.

The ITP Aero Ethics and Compliance team is notified so that they can access your concern and initiate the investigation. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, appropriate corrective action will be taken to address violations of the Code of Conduct or our Policies. Those responsible for following up on your report are professionals trained to handle the issue as discreetly as possible.

All reports are recorded in a database for case management purposes. If you have documents, records, photographs or videos, you can also send them to EthicsPoint so that they can be included in the report file. Their retention will be governed by the periods established in the current legislation.

How do I use the Ethics Line?

The Ethics Line has two methods of intake. The first is by toll-free telephone number, which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7), every day of the year. When you call, a professionally trained EthicsPoint intake specialist will guide you through a series of questions designed to identify the relevant details of your question or concern.

We encourage you to give your name and contact information and the intake specialist will note that information. If you choose to remain anonymous, EthicsPoint will make no effort to trace the call or take steps to learn your identity. If you choose to identify yourself when you contact the Ethics Line, ITP Aero Ethics and Compliance team will make every reasonable effort to hold your name in confidence during the investigation or follow up.

At the conclusion of the call, the intake specialist will summarise the information you have submitted and make any changes necessary to make sure that you are satisfied with the accuracy of your question or concern. ITP Aero has established toll-free numbers in countries where the company operates. Multilingual operators are available so that callers can ask questions or raise concerns in their own language.

The second option is to use the web intake portal system. The intake portal is available anywhere that you have access to the internet. The intake portal asks you for the same types of relevant details about your question or concern as the telephone-based system. Again, if you choose to remain anonymous, EthicsPoint will make no attempt to track your web address or otherwise identify you.

Like the telephone-based system, the web intake portal system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. You may access it from any computer that has an internet connection.

Can I file a report from home and still remain anonymous?

A report from home, a neighbor’s computer, or any Internet portal will remain secure and anonymous. An Internet portal never identifies a visitor by screen name and the EthicsPoint system strips away Internet addresses so that anonymity is totally maintained.

Can I get in trouble for using the Ethics Line?

No. The Ethics Line is provided for your use and protection. Retaliation against anyone who raises an ethical concern in good faith is not acceptable and such behaviour will be taken seriously and investigated. Anyone who engages in retaliation will be disciplined.