Why Speak Up? We’re committed to doing business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible way. But it’s possible you might come across a situation or behaviour that concerns you, or that seems to breach the law, our Code, or any other Group policy. If this happens, we encourage you to Speak Up, so we have the opportunity to deal with the situation or concern – and to support you, if you need us to.

How else to Speak Up? We encourage you to Speak Up and, where possible, discuss your dilemma or concern with the person involved, your line manager or HR. You may also contact your ethics & compliance officer or the Group Ethics & Compliance team directly.

What is Group’s view on retaliation? We don’t tolerate any form of threat, retaliation or other action against anyone who, in good faith, has made, or helped to make, a Speak Up report in line with the Group Speak Up policy.

What happens after I Speak Up? If you raise your concern via the Speak Up Service, your report will be routed back to the Group Ethics & Compliance team for further handling and you’ll get confirmation of receipt within seven days.

Note: When you submit your concern to the Speak Up Service, you’ll be given a unique code called a ‘report key’. You can use this key to call back or access this website to check progress on your report.