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Data Protection Notice:

I consent to the processing of my personal data and information as described in the Data Protection Notice.


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After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key". Please write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After several business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.

Data Protection Notice

1. General

The Raben Group Whistleblowing Hotline is provided by Raben Management Services Sp. Z o.o. seated in Robakowo, Poland. The webpages and the hotline through which you may report an incident as well as the database in which the personal data and information that you report are stored in the United Kingdom and a back-up facility in the Netherlands.

The personal data and information that you report are processed by NAVEX Global seated in Dublin, Ireland.

The Raben Group Whistleblowing Hotline is a website and telephone based offer from the Raben Group to its employees, suppliers, customers and business partners to report non-compliant behavior of employees, suppliers, customers and business partners of the Raben Group.

2. Use of Hotline

The use of the Raben Group Whistleblowing Hotline and providing your personal data is voluntary. Please note, however, that we are able to receive and process reports provided that you confirm that you have read and taken note of this Data Protection Notice and consent to the processing of the reports as described herein. We therefore kindly ask you to consent by ticking the box “I consent (…)“. If you do not consent to the processing of the reports, especially your personal data as described herein, the system will not allow you to file a report. In such case you are able to contact the Compliance Officer responsible for you. Please note that the information that you supply about yourself as well as about employees, suppliers, customers and business partners of the Raben Group or any aspect in relation to Raben Group, may result in decisions that affect employees of the Raben Group and other third parties involved in the relevant incident.

We therefore ask you to provide only information that, to the best of your knowledge, is accurate and complete. Complaints made to the best of your knowledge and not made intentionally or by gross negligence in a wrong way will not expose you to any consequences initiated by Raben Group. It is guaranteed that information provided by you will be treated confidentially. We strongly encourage you to identify yourself. Many investigations can be more quickly and effectively completed when the reporter is identified because it allows Raben investigator to follow up directly with the reporter.

3. Which personal data and information will be collected and processed?

If you report an incident to the Raben Group Whistleblowing Hotline we collect the following personal data and information:

  • your name, your contact details and whether you are employed by Raben Group,
  • the name and other personal data of the persons you name in your report if you provide such information (e.g. description of functions, contact details),
  • description of the misconduct as well as a description of the circumstances of the incident, including time and place of the incident, the affected Raben Group company, and whether management has knowledge of the incident and whether you want to file your report anonymously.

4. Who is a data controller?

The data controller of your personal data is Raben Management Services Spółka z o.o. seated in Robakowo, Poland

5. How contact a Data Protection Officer?

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer who you can contact in data protection cases. Contact details to our Data Protection Officer you can find on website: https://polska.raben-group.com/nasza-odpowiedzialnosc/bezpieczenstwo-informacji/.

6. What is the reason and legal base of processing your personal data?

Your personal data is processed for contact you, analyzing your report, making an audit and taking necessary action to process your report.

We process your personal data based on your consent (article 6 par. 1 letter a) of GDPR.

7. How long your personal data will be processed?

The personal data will be processed until the case is closed and the issue resolved, no longer than the consent is withdrawn. The consent to the processing of personal data may be withdrawn at any time. We may store your personal data for the purpose of determining, investigating or defending against claims related to the whistleblowing process for a period of lapse of time.

8. Who may access your personal data?

Any personal data and information that you report to us will be stored in the database hosted and operated by NAVEX Global. Raben Group Whistleblowing Hotline will evaluate the information provided, conduct first preliminary investigations if applicable and may initiate further investigations by Raben Group Internal Audit or other departments. For the purpose of processing your report, the personal data and information may be accessed, processed and used by the relevant personnel of the Raben Group companies, including human resources, auditing, legal, security or management, external advisors (ex. legal advisors), or by technical staff at NAVEX Global.

Personal data and information may also be disclosed to the police and/or other enforcement or regular authorities.

9. What are your rights?

You have right to:

  1. request access to your personal data
  2. request rectification or erasure of your personal data
  3. obtain from the controller restriction of processing
  4. object to processing
  5. lodge a complaint to Personal Data Protection Office in Poland