Performance with Integrity - a Shared Commitment to Compliance

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ATTENTION! This site is operated on behalf of Pfizer by NAVEX (and members of its group within Europe) using the EthicsPoint software and is not hosted on Pfizer’s internal website or systems.
EthicsPoint is NOT an Emergency Service:

Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response.

To Report Issues Concerning Immediate Violence or Threat:

Global Security Operations Center 24 Hour Contact:
toll-free +1.866.573.4762

To Report an Adverse Event:

Click here (Pfizer colleagues) or here (non-Pfizer colleagues) for more information.

Welcome to the Compliance Helpline

The Compliance Helpline is a reporting service provided on behalf of Pfizer (66 Hudson Boulevard East, New York, NY 10001 USA,, +1-212-733-3026) by a third party, NAVEX. The web-reporting tool enables you to obtain information, seek advice or raise concerns in a confidential and, if you choose, anonymous manner where permitted by local law. Local privacy requirements may restrict the availability of this reporting tool. All submissions are promptly forwarded to Pfizer's Compliance Division and you can also follow up on previously submitted reports.

Acting with integrity is at the core of who we are and how we work at Pfizer. Our commitment to act with integrity requires that we uphold the highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as Company policies and procedures.

We need to hear from you. The use of the Compliance Helpline is voluntary. All reports will be handled promptly and confidentially, and you have the option of remaining anonymous where permitted by local laws. Pfizer will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who seeks advice, raises a concern, or reports misconduct or possible violations of law or Pfizer policies. When you contact the Compliance Helpline, your information will be used as described in this web-reporting tool and in the relevant Raising Compliance Concerns brochure available at or by emailing

To submit a report, or to follow up on a report already submitted, please select from the options on this page. Here you will also find a link to Pfizer’s Code of Conduct (Blue Book). Thank you for speaking up.

Note: In certain EU countries, Pfizer also offers local reporting channels. For more information on local reporting, including the local reporting channel privacy notice and what can be reported via the local reporting channel, please consult the local Pfizer intranet, or contact the Compliance Division.