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Our Unwavering Commitment to Ethical Behaviour

Welcome Dear Visitor,

Daiichi Sankyo is committed to achieving commercial, research and development successes in an ethical and legally compliant way and in an environment where open, honest communication is the expectation, not the exception. Our Corporate Conduct Charter and Employee Code of Conduct provide the fundamental principles by which every Daiichi Sankyo employee is expected to work.

All Daiichi Sankyo employees, agents, customers and third-party vendors are encouraged to promptly report any suspected violation of law or Daiichi Sankyo policies and/or procedures. Read More.

Reports can be submitted directly to the Compliance, the Legal or the HR Department of your Daiichi Sankyo affiliate, or using the online or telephony reporting channels of this Daiichi Sankyo Global Hotline which also allows anonymous reporting. Every involved Daiichi Sankyo affiliate will attempt to treat received reports confidentially, disclosing information only on a need-to-know basis, and will seek to protect a reporter’s identity to the maximum extent legally possible.

Your willingness to come forward is important to us, and we thank you for taking the time to report your concern. Remember: any employee, agent, customers or third party who reports a concern of a possible violation in good faith will be protected from retaliation! Any act or threat of retaliation against anyone reporting suspected violation will be considered a serious violation of our principles and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

You can follow up on previously submitted reports at any time

Report a Concern

Submit a report about actual or potential misconduct.

Report a Concern

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Can I file a report and stay anonymous?

Yes, you will have the option to remain anonymous. Read More

What if I face retaliation for reporting misconduct or unethical behaviour?

Daiichi Sankyo will not tolerate threats or acts of retaliation against individuals who, in good faith, provide information in connection with reports of actual or potential misconduct. Read More