Michelin Group Ethics Line

The values of respect of the facts, of the people, of the clients, of the shareholders and of the environment define the Group's identity and form the basis of its ethical culture. The Michelin Group wishes to guarantee ethical behavior towards its external partners, and across all its business activities.

As a result, Michelin provides an Ethics Line, which allows you to report, in a confidential and secure manner, any situation or behavior (past or present) that appears to be non-compliant with laws and regulations or with the Code of Ethics and the Michelin Group's internal policies and procedures.

This Ethics Line (confidential, secure and managed by a specialized independent service provider) is made available to employees of all Michelin Group companies, interns, work-study and temporary workers, business partners (customers, suppliers, subcontractors), any entity (private or public) or person outside the Group.

The topics concerned by these alerts are those that may damage the image and reputation of the Group, its economic performance, its employees and other persons who interact with them.

These unethical situations or behaviors may concern the following areas: Harassment, Discrimination, Health, Safety, Conflict of Interest, Fraud, Damage to the Group's tangible or intangible assets, Corruption, unfair commercial practices. The precise list of categories on which an Alert can be raised is available in the Group Whistleblowing Procedure.

We remind you that the information communicated within the framework of this Ethics Line must remain factual and have a direct link to the subject of the Alert.
Your alert can be made by identifying yourself or by remaining anonymous.

Once your Alert is complete, you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key". Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place.

NAVEX offers you to provide them with an email that will not be visible or communicated to a third party under any circumstances. This email will allow NAVEX to inform you directly of any changes in the status of your alert, comments or questions that may be addressed to you. If you do not provide an email address, you will need to log in regularly, for the duration of the processing of your Alert, using your report key and password. Indeed, if you have remained anonymous, this will be the only way to complete your report confidentially if necessary, so that we can carry out the necessary checks.

If your Alert is considered admissible, an investigator, subject to strict confidentiality, will be responsible for conducting the necessary verifications in complete impartiality.

Thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns.

Your decision to speak out helps ensure ethical conduct in all our activities.
Michelin is committed to protecting your personal information and taking a clear and transparent approach to the information we collect and how we will use it.

More details are available above in the Personal Data Protection Policy and the Group Whistleblowing Procedure.