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Commonly Asked Questions

Who may report a concern?
Barclays employees, temporary employees, contractors, consultants, former employees, customers and clients may report concerns related to potential inappropriate conduct involving Barclays.
May I report my concern anonymously?

Yes, you can raise your concern anonymously. However, it is important you understand the impact that anonymous reporting may have on the ability of the Referral Team to review your concern.

The EthicsPoint site allows you to share contact details with the Raising Concerns Team even when raising a concern anonymously. We would urge you to consider providing a contact number or anonymised email address so that you can be contacted in relation to your concerns, should this be required. If you share this information with the Raising Concerns Team, it will also be shared with the Referral Team to assist them in their review of your concerns unless you have expressly asked the Raising Concerns Team not to do so. If your concern is referred to the Investigations & Whistleblowing Team, any details you provide the Raising Concerns Team will be automatically passed to the Investigations & Whistleblowing Team.

If you choose to raise a concern anonymously, please provide as much information as possible regarding the issue (e.g. dates, times, places, the names of individuals involved, and the names of any potential witnesses). This information will be crucial to any review or investigation conducted, especially if we have no way of contacting you to further discuss your concern where necessary.

The Raising Concerns Team will refer the details of your concern in full to the Referral Team. Therefore, if you choose to raise your concern anonymously, consider avoiding the inclusion of information which would identify you as the source.

The Referral Teams cannot provide a guarantee that you will not be identified or identifiable in the course of their investigation. However, any matters raised with them will be managed sensitively, and they will do all they reasonably can to protect your identity wherever possible and subject to Barclays legal and regulatory requirements.

Additional Commonly Asked Questions

At Barclays, you are encouraged to raise concerns. It is the right thing to do for our clients, colleagues and reputation. When you feel empowered to raise concerns, you reinforce our commitment to integrity, demonstrate accountability and live our Values.

To help you to raise concerns, the dedicated Raising Concerns Team maintain this gateway.

  • You will be provided with support and guidance as to how your concern is most appropriately addressed.
  • All matters raised through the Raising Concerns process will be treated seriously and, as appropriate, an investigation will be conducted by the appropriate team.
  • You can obtain free, independent and confidential advice on whether or how to make a Whistleblowing report by calling Protect at +44 (0) 800 668 1756 or by visiting their website:

You can speak up and raise concerns simply by completing this reporting tool. Concerns could relate to a number of things, including a breach in our security, inappropriate conduct, financial crime, harassment, health, safety or environmental risks, or anything likely to harm the reputation of Barclays.

Barclays uses a specialist third-party service run by EthicsPoint to provide a web based reporting tool available 24 hours a day. Concerns raised are logged in a secure, confidential case management system, which is accessible only by the Raising Concerns Team and, where relevant, the Investigations and Whistleblowing Team. Concerns can be raised anonymously with the service in most countries around the world. Where this is not possible due to national data privacy laws however, this option will not be available on the reporting form and you will be required to submit your name and contact details.