Message from the CEO

“At AstraZeneca, we believe that integrity, respect and transparency are the foundation of a healthy business culture. We know that we build trust by demonstrating ethical business practices and fair treatment in everything we do within our company, across our value chain and in society.”

Pascal Soriot

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer


6 things you need to know about

What is AZethics?

AZethics is a safe place where anyone (AstraZeneca employees or third parties) can raise concerns about potential misconduct.

How to use AZethics?

Try to address your concerns with your manager, HR or Local Compliance Assurance.

You can also submit a report to AZethics through web-submission or telephone in multiple languages. Please click above links to report a concern online or via telephone.

What happens if I report a concern via AZethics?

Once we receive your report, we triage, assess and could assign it for investigation in line with our policies. AstraZeneca is committed to investigate all allegations of breaches of Code of Ethics raised in good faith and through appropriate channels. You can see our Privacy Notice HERE.

Commitment to non-retaliation

We do not tolerate retaliation in any form. Anyone who raises a concern about a possible compliance breach in good faith will be supported by management and will not be subject to retaliation. Any act or threat of retaliation is a serious violation of the Code of Ethics.

Commitment to anonymity and confidentiality

We encourage you to speak up freely and share your identity, however, we appreciate that you may choose to remain anonymous. In all instances, every effort will be made to ensure that information relating to a reported concern is kept confidential and communicated on a need-to-know basis only.

Who administers AZethics?

AZethics web portal and hotline are administered by an independent company NAVEX. This portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hotline can accommodate calls in more than 30 languages.

To report an adverse event, product quality complaint or raise a medical information inquiry please use Adverse Event Reporting channel.