Epson Singapore Pte Ltd and its sales companies (together known as ‘Epson South East Asia’) is an organization with strong values of responsibility and integrity. This site allows you to share your thoughts, suggestions and concerns directly to the Epson management team. You may also use Epson Speak UP! for new product, workplace engagement and business improvement ideas.

The Epson Global Code of Conduct contains general guidelines for conducting business with the highest standards of ethics. If you have a concern about possible violations of the law or our company policies, don’t keep it to yourself. We want to hear from you.

We respect confidentiality. We want you to feel comfortable calling or writing to us anonymously using Epson Speak UP! This site is available 24/7/365 in your local language and hosted by an independent company (NAVEX). Thus, Speak UP! You have our guarantee that your thoughts, suggestions and concerns will be heard.

What Happens Next?

We take every concern seriously and investigate alleged violations as appropriate. The success of our investigation depends on the sufficiency and quality of information provided by you. Never raise false or misleading information. We will maintain your confidentiality to the fullest extent possible.


Epson does not tolerate acts of retaliation. Epson employees who raise a genuine concern in good faith or participates in an investigation will not experience any negative consequences for doing the right thing.