Our Commitment

UNOPS personnel are expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity and we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any instances of misconduct. Reporting misconduct helps to ensure accountability and appropriate conduct at UNOPS, which enables us to achieve our mission. All UNOPS personnel have a duty to report suspected wrongdoing.

UNOPS takes all reports of possible wrongdoing seriously.

UNOPS has established a confidential mechanism for individuals wishing to report misconduct. The Speak Up Hotline is managed by an independent service provider on behalf of UNOPS to protect confidentiality. It can be accessed worldwide and free of charge. This hotline can be used by both UNOPS personnel and by people from outside UNOPS.

Reports of wrongdoing submitted here are confidentially forwarded to the appropriate reporting unit within UNOPS for further action. Different teams manage different types of wrongdoing:

  • Internal Audit and Investigations Group (IAIG) receives allegations of fraud and financial irregularities, forgery, theft, misuse of resources, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment, assault including sexual assault, sexual exploitation and abuse, and violations of local laws.
  • The Internal Grievances team handles any form of discrimination, harassment and abuse of authority. They also investigate improper recruitment processes
  • The Ethics and Compliance Office (Ethics) is entrusted with managing concerns of retaliation against UNOPS personnel for reporting misconduct or cooperating with an audit, investigation or other duly authorised fact-finding activity.

For more information please refer to the FAQs.

UNOPS is also committed to ensuring that people do not fall ill or sustain injuries or die as a result of the work of the organisation. Every person involved in the work of UNOPS or affected by it has a responsibility to stop life-threatening situations and to report so that the conditions or behaviours at the workplace may be addressed. Suggestions that may lead to significant improvement of occupational health and safety in UNOPS are welcome.

Reports of HS nonconformities or improvement suggestions submitted here are confidentially forwarded to the Health and Safety, Social and Environmental (HSSE) team.

The Health and Safety, Social and Environmental (HSSE) team addresses any reported unacceptable and hazardous conditions, acts and omissions in the UNOPS workplace and suggestions for significant improvement in health and safety practice.