Speak Up

“Today’s business environment is complex, and much has changed in recent years, but one thing that must never change, is our belief that maintaining our good reputation depends on each of us being personally responsible for our conduct.”

Sam Darwish - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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What is Speak Up?

Speak Up is IHS Group whistleblower line. It is a confidential tool through which you can ask questions or raise any violation of IHS Group code of conduct & business principles, policies and procedures or any concerns about ethics and compliance.

Who administers Speak Up?

Speak Up is administered by NAVEX an independent third party. The system is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and supports several languages including English and French. You can reach Speak Up from any location in the world as far as you have access to internet or can make a call.

Who else can I speak to?

In most instances, it will be best for you to first talk to your manager. If you are not comfortable talking with your manager, talk to your manager’s manager or contact your local IHS legal department, your local HR or any member of Compliance Team.

What happens to my report?

As part of the submission, you receive a key and a password which you can use later to follow up your report in Speak Up. The report is then sent to Group General Counsel for review and identification of further steps to be taken to resolve the issue.

Will I be protected from retaliation?

IHS Group will ensure that no retaliation action is taken against any person who reports in good faith, actual or suspected misconduct. Claims of retaliation are taken seriously; they will be investigated and if substantiated, retaliators will be disciplined, which may include termination of employment. If you believe you have been retaliated against, you should contact your local HR representative.

Is my report confidential?

Speak Up is not part of the IHS Group IT system, the Company website or the Intranet. The system is hosted by NAVEX an independent third party. As a company, we have duty to protect the confidentiality of your reports. However, in some instances, your identity might need to be revealed for an investigation or legal proceeding to move forward.