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The Maersk Whistleblower system
– For all Maersk Group Companies

What is the Maersk Whistleblower system?

The Maersk Whistleblower system is a confidential channel through which you can raise concerns about suspected serious violations of laws or Maersk Rules in areas such as: insider trading, competition law, IT security, data privacy (GDPR), threats to health, safety and environment, theft and embezzlement, accounting manipulation, financial fraud, corruption, foreign trade controls, human rights and labour rights, work place and/or sexual harassment, retaliation or discrimination.

What does the Maersk Whistleblower system not cover?

The system is only for reporting possible violations made in good faith of laws or regulations*, or issues that may expose Maersk to serious legal risks. The system is not for questions regarding applications for employment, commercial inquires or disputes, ordinary HR complaints (e.g. salary, performance, vacation) or general questions. Such should rather be directed to the relevant Business Unit or respective function in Maersk.

*(including violations of EU laws and regulations as stipulated in EU Directive 2019/1937)

Who else can I speak to?

If you are an employee in Maersk, we encourage reporting concerns through the channel you are most comfortable with, such as your line manager, another member of management, a relevant supporting function such as Legal, HR or the Maersk Ombuds function.

The Maersk Whistleblower system is available as an alternative if you are uncomfortable reporting through other channels. We do not tolerate discrimination or retaliation against reports made in good faith. If you believe you have been retaliated against for reporting or participating in an investigation, you should immediately report this. Any such report will be investigated confidentially.

What happens after I contact the Maersk Whistleblower system?

Once you submit a report via phone or web you receive a confirmation and a report key and password for the post box in the system for follow-up on your submission.

Your report is initially reviewed by designated individuals within Maersk’s Compliance Programme Operations dept.and/or Group Internal Audit, who will determine further action. The number of designated individuals involved will be limited to the extent possible.

The post box in the system allows you and the investigating officer to engage, asking clarifying questions which typically result in a more correct outcome of any wrongdoing has taken place.

Accordingly, we ask that you check the post box after a week.

Who administers the Maersk Whistleblower system?

The system is administered by an independent company (NAVEX) and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can accommodate calls in more than 75 languages and you can submit a report anonymously depending on your location. The system cannot track or identify you. No cookies, IP address or similar is stored.

Are reports to the Maersk Whistleblower system secure and confidential?

The system called EthicsPoint is hosted on NAVEX's secure servers and is not a part of Maersk's website or intranet. Any report you make will be kept confidential to the fullest extent legally possible. Relevant persons will be notified of and/or involved in an investigation on a "need to know" basis and/or in accordance with applicable national or international rules concerning data protection regulations