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Business conduct and ethics at FCA

At the FCA Group, one way we develop an environment that embodies the highest ethical standards in business conduct is through our Code of Conduct (the “Code”).

Our integrity system sets the foundation for the corporate governance of the FCA Group, and includes a critical framework of Principles, Practices and Procedures that combine our corporate experience, up to date research of applicable legal requirements and best practices as well as benchmarking on corporate ethics and compliance.

The Code aims to ensure that all members of the FCA Group’s workforce act with the highest level of integrity, comply with applicable laws, and build a better future for our Company and the communities in which we do business.

"One of the key initiatives that accompanies the Code is our new Ethics Helpline. To protect our Company, we expect our employees to report any activity that they may believe is inconsistent with our Code.
Rest assured that every expression of concern will be investigated.
We are committed to ensuring that no employee may suffer any retaliation in his or her employment for reporting any matter in good faith."

Sergio Marchionne
Chief Executive Officer