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To Make a Report

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.

If you wish, you could also make a report to us by sending an email to our secure email address, by leaving a message on our confidential voicemail system, or sending a letter, details as below:



+41 22 909 6666
(24-hour secure voicemail)


Managing Director, Audit et Investigations, Chemin du Pommier 40, 1218 Le Grand Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland

Please note that the web-based and other reporting facilities are not to be used to make complaints regarding vaccination services; these should be directed to the relevant authorities local to you. Nor is it an emergency response service and concerns of a medical nature should be reported to a doctor, nurse or other medical professional.

Reporting concerns to Gavi and IFFIm

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, is an international organisation that was created in 2000 to improve access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Gavi is the Vaccine Alliance, which brings together public and private sectors with the shared goal of creating equal access to vaccines for children, wherever they live.

We do this by providing vaccines to countries, and by providing cash grants to support immunisation and to develop health systems which support immunisation. Since Gavi started in 2000, approximately 700 million children have been vaccinated, averting about 10 million future deaths.

The International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm) exists to rapidly accelerate the availability and predictability of funds for immunisation. The resources raised by IFFIm are used by Gavi both to deliver life-saving vaccines and to strengthen health services in the world's poorest countries. Where we use the term “Gavi’s resources” below, we include the funds that are raised for Gavi through IFFIm.

It is vitally important that our mission is not compromised by misuse or misdirection of Gavi's resources, whether that is vaccines, money, or other assets purchased using Gavi funds. Gavi's Transparency and Accountability Policy sets out our expectations regarding the proper use of resources. Gavi also seeks to ensure that its operations and support are provided in a manner that safeguards beneficiaries and others from sexual exploitation, abuse and (sexual) harassment.

Gavi and IFFIm have a zero tolerance on the misuse of funds and resources as well as sexual exploitation, abuse and (sexual) harassment. To help us identify any potential incidents of such conduct, we need your help. If you are aware of circumstances where you believe Gavi's resources have been or are being misused in some way, or of a situation of sexual exploitation or abuse in relation to Gavi's or IFFIm’s operations or support, please alert us to the situation.

What you should do.

If you suspect a case of misuse, sexual exploitation or abuse or (sexual) harassment in relation to Gavi's or IFFIm’s operations or support, please let us know. Such concerns may include wrongdoing in a Gavi-eligible country, issues regarding a Gavi supplier or agent, or problems regarding Gavi staff. Our policies on Conflict of Interest, Ethics and Procurement may provide useful background regarding our expectations of appropriate behavior. There are additional relevant polices and value statements available which are about fairness, equity and protecting the world in which Gavi operates: child protection value statement; environmental value statement; and gender policy.

You can report through the web, by email, or by leaving a phone message in our dedicated voicemail system as described below.

What information you should report.

Please make your report as specific as possible. This allows us to make sure your concerns are followed through appropriately. The kind of information which is helpful to us includes:

  • The nature of the concern you have.
  • The location and date when it took place, or when you observed the issue.
  • A description of what exactly happened.
  • The names and job titles of those who were involved, and the organisation(s) for which they work.
  • The names of anyone else who knows about or shares your concerns.
  • The reason why you think it should be investigated.
  • Any other information you think is relevant for us to know.

What happens after you make your report.

We take all reports received seriously and will look into each report and follow up when further action is considered appropriate. The main steps in the process are as follows:

  • Your report will be received by Gavi's Whistleblower Compliance Officer (Managing Director Audit and Investigations); the Audit and Investigations function at Gavi is an independent function (see Audit and Investigations Terms of Reference) which, amongst others, reviews concerns raised about the inappropriate use of Gavi resources.
  • Your report will be reviewed and assessed to determine if the concern you describe needs to be examined further. If such follow up is appropriate, a member of staff will be assigned to undertake a more substantial examination. The process of analysis may be completed quite quickly, or it may extend over a longer time period depending upon the complexity of the matter.
  • At certain points in the investigation of your concerns, it may be helpful for us to contact you to gather additional information. We appreciate your further support in helping us with any requests we might make.
  • In the event of any proven cases of misuse or of sexual exploitation or abuse, Gavi will ensure appropriate actions are taken. This may include, as appropriate, the recovery of any misused funds and/or working with national authorities to enable responsible parties to be held to account.

Protection for you.

The information you provide will be managed in a way that protects your confidentiality. This means that if you choose to identify yourself to us, we will ensure that your identity is not revealed to any parties who are the subject of the report, and we will maintain your identity within a small group of personnel who are following through on the concerns you have raised. As noted above, it may be helpful in following up on your report, if we are able to contact you to obtain additional information, and therefore we encourage you to provide this information in your report.

If you prefer not to reveal your identity, the web-based reporting facility enables you to report any concerns you may have anonymously - that means that you can make the report without indicating your name. Instructions are provided which explain how this can be done.

If you are an employee of Gavi, please read the Whistleblower Policy which describes procedures which are relevant for you.

Next steps

If you have concerns you wish to report, please click the button to the right to start the process.