CNOOC International

Integrity and Compliance

ATTENTION! This webpage is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the CNOOC International website or intranet.

Activities that should be reported include perceived or actual:

  • Violations of the law
  • Violations of CNOOC International company policy
  • Accounting or auditing irregularities
  • Risk to CNOOC International-owned assets, property or resources
  • Danger to an employee's or the public's health, safety or security
  • Concerns about CNOOC International's other business practices

Call Centre Contact Information:

If you are calling from outside of North America, please utilize one of the following toll free numbers based on your reporting location.

*Please contact an International operator. Request a collect call (reverse charge) be placed.

CNOOC International's Integrity Commitment

CNOOC International's Integrity Helpline has been designed to allow for the reporting of integrity concerns using either the EthicsPoint web site or call centre. Filing a report using EthicsPoint enables anonymity. EthicsPoint does not generate or maintain any internal connections with IP addresses.

While CNOOC International welcomes the receipt of all concerns, CNOOC International prefers that employees who have a human resources issue review their issue with their supervisor or a human resources representative. If the issue is not being addressed to an appropriate level of satisfaction, please feel free to file a report using EthicsPoint.

Investigation Process

After CNOOC International has been notified by EthicsPoint that a report has been made, a CNOOC International-led investigation will commence using internal and external resources as necessary. By submitting the report, you are consenting to allow the contents of the report to be shared with appropriate CNOOC International or external investigation team members. All reports will be handled promptly and discreetly.

No retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for reporting in good faith or inquiring about integrity-related concerns, including the seeking of guidance on how to handle suspected concerns. CNOOC International assumes all reports are real, legitimate, made in good faith, and significant enough to warrant an investigation.

CNOOC International's management team and Board of Directors value your support in helping CNOOC International conduct its business with the highest ethical and legal standards. Thank you for taking the time and having the courage to report your concern. It will be taken seriously.