Action Line

Speak Up! Concerns or questions may be raised here any time, any day in multiple languages

Concerns May Relate to:

Violations of the Fortrea Code of Conduct and Ethics or company policies, regulatory and compliance issues, human resources, quality, environment, health and safety, accounting, auditing, fraud or theft

A Message from Tom Pike and Jill McConnell

Welcome to Fortrea’s Action Line online portal, a tool which you can use to report any actual or suspected violations of Fortrea’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, company policies, and any applicable laws or regulations.

As Fortrea’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, and with support and commitment from all of Fortrea’s leadership, we encourage all Fortrea employees to “Speak Up”, ask questions, and report concerns.

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At Fortrea, we encourage employees who have a question or concern to first speak to their manager or supervisor or seek help from Fortrea resources within the Corporate Compliance, Human Resources, or Law Departments, or to us directly.

We recognize that it can be uncomfortable to report a concern, and the Fortrea Action Line offers an alternative platform for reporting both confidentially and/or anonymously. While we encourage all reporters to identify themselves and disclose as much information as they can, anonymous reports can be made through this online portal or by phone to the Fortrea Action Line call center. An independent third party manages the online portal and call center. If you are more comfortable speaking in a language other than English, interpreter services are also available.

We take every report seriously and, to the extent permitted by law and the requirements of investigations, we seek to treat the information received (including the reporting party’s identity) confidentially and limit disclosure of information to only those with a need to know. Fortrea reviews all reports and takes appropriate action, including investigation, discipline, training and enhancement of our policies and processes.

Fortrea does not tolerate retaliation of any kind (whether direct or indirect) against anyone who has in good faith reported an actual or suspected violation.

We value your opinions and ask you to report actual or suspected violations to the groups listed above or through Fortrea’s Action Line. You can support Fortrea’s mission by speaking up and reporting your concerns in a timely manner.