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Our Commitment

As a part of the United Nations system, FAO must exemplify the highest principles of integrity, independence and honesty, and it is critical that its personnel, partners, and contractors discharge their duties accordingly. The FAO Code of Ethical Conduct is a practical guide to FAO rules and policies that govern the conduct of its personnel, aimed at fostering an ethical workplace culture. The Code complements FAO’s rules and policies, but does not replace or supersede them.

FAO personnel and third parties have a duty to report possible unethical conduct. Depending on the type of concern at issue, such reports may be addressed to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) or the Ethics Office (ETH). Pursuant to its Charter, OIG is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct involving FAO personnel and allegations of sanctionable actions involving third parties. The ETH receives and conducts prima facie review (i.e. initial assessment) of retaliation reports.

You are encouraged to use this hotline, hosted by a third-party provider EthicsPoint, to submit reports relating to misconduct to the Office of the Inspector General or retaliation to the Ethics Office. You can submit your report anonymously, should you choose to do so. The information you submit on this hotline will be reviewed by OIG or ETH confidentially.