Right to Speak

At WPP, we’re committed to nurturing an inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and supported. That’s why our Codes of Conduct set out our responsibilities to our people, partners and shareowners, to act ethically and legally.

We want to encourage a culture of integrity and transparency where everyone feels empowered to do the right thing and has the confidence and knows how to speak up if they experience or hear about behaviour at odds with these principles.

That’s why we partner with NAVEX EthicsPoint to operate a free, impartial and confidential Right to Speak service that allows you to raise any concerns and retain your anonymity if you wish. All concerns reported are looked into and there is zero tolerance towards retaliatory action taken against anyone that reports genuine concerns through the Right to Speak service.

To Make a Report

After you complete your report, you will be assigned a unique code called a “Report Key”. Write this down and keep it safe alongside your chosen password.

Use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions or to provide further information.