Barilla Whistleblowing Platform

Let your voice be heard

Barilla is committed to maintain and develop a relationship with its employees, customers and other stakeholders, governed by principles of honesty, transparency, respect for diversity, promotion of inclusion and social responsibility, also ensuring compliance with national and international laws.

Barilla has implemented this Whistleblowing Channel to provide the opportunity to report suspicions of misconduct, anything that is not in line with Barilla’s Code of Ethics principles and Policies.

Your message will be securely handled

Barilla Whistleblowing Platform offers the option of reporting your concern anonymously, is encrypted and password-protected.

All messages will be sent and processed in the utmost confidentiality and with the highest standard of security.

Barilla’s whistleblowing service is offered by EthicsPoint, a service provided by NAVEX.

How do I submit a message?

Make a Report

Click on “Make a Report” to send your message.

At the end of the process, you will receive a “report key” and you will select a password. Save these in a secure manner, you will need them to monitor the status of your message.

Follow Up

Within 7 days you will receive a response or a follow-up question: click on “ Follow Up” to check the status of your report.