Welcome to the Society's Whistleblowing Site

The Society defines Whistleblowing as:

“The raising of a concern, either within the workplace or externally, about a danger, risk, malpractice or wrongdoing which affects others”.

If you have a concern, we’re here to support you.

It takes courage, we know. And we also know it can be uncomfortable reporting something internally.

That’s why we work with NAVEX Global, a confidential, independent whistleblowing hotline provider, who offer the option to report your concerns on an anonymous basis.

No matter what your concern is, you have our guarantee that it will be heard, so please get in touch using the contact details on the right-hand side of this page.

Other options

You can also raise concerns via:

  • the Financial Conduct Authority
  • the Prudential Regulation Authority
  • Protect – an independent charity that gives free legal and confidential advice
  • Unite the union

Please take a look at our Whistleblowing procedure on iNet if you require contact details.

To Make a Report

You can use any of the following methods to raise a concern:

  • OR
  • Call the Whistleblowing Hotline on 0800 069 8728*
    * Calls made to this line will not be recorded.

  • OR
  • If you do not believe that the above contacts would be appropriate, you may directly contact:
  • Lucy Becque, Chief People Officer
    Call: 02476 435 503
    email: lucy.becque@thecoventry.co.uk

    Iraj Amiri, Whistleblowers’ Champion
    Call: 02475 181 666
    email: Iraj.Amiri@thecoventry.co.uk

If you contact the Chief People Officer or the Whistleblowers’ Champion, please ensure that you make it clear to them that you are raising a concern under the Whistleblowing Policy.