"We all have a responsibility to report any concerns about behaviour or decision that could be unethical. If you have concerns, speak up. The sooner you do, the quicker we can take action."
Caspar Herzberg, CEO of AVEVA

What is Speak Up?

AVEVA’s values and behaviours require all employees to conduct themselves with the highest professional and ethical standards.

AVEVA’s “Speak up” programme encourages and enables you to raise any concerns or suspicions you may have about a risk, misconduct or any wrongdoing that could affect AVEVA, the public, other colleagues, or the company itself. Concerns raised will always be treated in confidence: you will be protected, and your concerns will be taken seriously by AVEVA. AVEVA employees must not threaten or retaliate against those reporting concerns in any way.

You are encouraged to raise a concern in confidence by clicking on one of the Raise a Concern buttons below. You can choose whether to raise the concern via the Speak Up telephone hotline or by completing the online form. These reporting channels are provided by a third party, NAVEX (via their EthicsPoint website), and are available in local languages. Please see the Speak Up (EthicsPoint) Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

In some instances, it may be appropriate for an external party to utilise our Speak Up reporting channels to report an issue relating to AVEVA’s business. External parties who raise a concern with Staff must be directed to this EthicsPoint website.

Reporting via this channel will allow AVEVA to confirm that the relevant issue relates specifically to the AVEVA business and, if so, that it be duly escalated via the appropriate channels.

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