Welcome to Canal Abierto.

What is Canal Abierto? What type of conduct should be reported?

This is a channel that anyone who does business with us can use confidentially and anonymously to report infringements of legal or internal regulations and significant financial and accounting irregularities. Furthermore, it can be used to report regulatory noncompliance and breaches of our bank’s internal governance system. Canal Abierto is also the means for reporting any conduct that does not align with our General Code of Conduct (GCC) or our corporate behaviour and leadership principles.

If you prefer, you can also request a face-to-face meeting with Canal Abierto managers.

Can I submit a claim about any Openbank product or service through Canal Abierto?

No, if you would like to inquire about any of our products or services or report an incident, please contact ayuda@openbank.es.

Is it possible to find out who has sent messages to Canal Abierto?

No, this channel is completely confidential and anonymous if you so wish. You can use it to report conduct that does not align with internal or legal regulations or with our corporate principles and values without being subject to reprisals for sending the message, among other guarantees and rights of the whistleblower that are included in the Policy and Procedure that regulate this channel.

Don’t forget that Canal Abierto is the preferred channel for reporting the most serious conduct, such as conduct that may involve serious or very serious criminal or administrative offences or infringements of European Union law. Such conduct may also be reported through the external channel that will be established by the Independent Authority for Whistleblower Protection, as well as through the external channels established by other bodies, which are listed in the Canal Abierto Policy for illustrative purposes.

What is the goal of Canal Abierto?

Ethics, transparency and integrity are fundamental principles to which we are strongly committed and, therefore, the performance of Openbank/Open Digital Services professionals must always be honest and responsible, complying at all times with internal and external regulations.

How can I report inappropriate conduct?

If you have become aware of any situation or conduct that is contrary to legal or internal regulations, our General Code of Conduct, ethical principles, corporate values or leadership principles, please report it through Canal Abierto so that we can continue to improve our way of doing things.

If you prefer, you can also request a face-to-face meeting with Canal Abierto managers.