Web Form to Submit a Request to the Social and Environmental Compliance Unit and the Stakeholder Response Mechanism

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This form allows you to:

1. Submit a complaint when you believe UNDP is not complying with the social and environmental policies or commitments that apply to its projects or programmes—this could trigger a “compliance review.” A compliance review is an independent investigation conducted by the Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU), within UNDP’s Office of Audit and Investigations (OAI) to determine if UNDP policies or commitments have been violated, and to identify measures that respond to these violations. SECU will interact with you throughout the compliance review, ensuring you are well informed of the process and outcomes, including any corrective action taken.


2. Submit a request for UNDP “stakeholder response” when you believe that a UNDP project is having or may have a negative social or environmental impact on you. If your request is eligible, UNDP will seek to address the complaint by working with you and other project stakeholders (including implementing partners and possibly others) to jointly address grievances or concerns about social or environmental impacts of UNDP-supported projects or programmes. This process is led by UNDP Country or Regional Offices, or facilitated through UNDP headquarters. UNDP staff will communicate and interact with you as part of the response, both for fact-finding and for developing solutions.

Please note that you should first seek to resolve your concerns by communicating directly with project staff or managers in your country, before making a request to UNDP’s Stakeholder Response Mechanism.



If you need assistance in submitting your complaint or request, please contact:

The Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU) and the Stakeholder Response Mechanism (SRM) offices in New York by emailing project.concerns@undp.org.

You may also call SECU or the SRM by phone at: 844-928-0197.


When submitting a complaint or request please provide as much information as possible through this web form.

No information will be transmitted until you click the “submit” button on the final screen.

If you accidentally click “submit” before you are ready, please re-submit your request in its entirety.


If you choose the compliance review process, you may keep your identity confidential (known only to the compliance review team).

If you choose the Stakeholder Response Mechanism, you can choose to keep your identity confidential during the initial eligibility screening and assessment of your case. If your request is eligible and the assessment indicates that a response is appropriate, UNDP staff will discuss the proposed response with you, and will also discuss whether and how to maintain confidentiality of your identity.