Hitachi Global Compliance Hotline

"Basics and Ethics"

"Right and Wrong is more important than Profit and Loss"

In Hitachi group, we understand the importance of doing business with integrity. Maintaining our reputation and earning the trust of our customers and business partners requires us to not only comply with applicable laws, but also strive to act in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Fostering a strong culture of compliance requires vigilance from all Hitachi group employees. Illegal, unfair and improper acts concerning the business of Hitachi group that are not addressed in a timely fashion put Hitachi’s reputation at risk. As an employee of Hitachi group, you are the first line of defense against compliance violations, and can help ensure that such violations are quickly and appropriately resolved. If you are aware, or suspect, any violation, it is your duty to report this information through the appropriate channels.

You may choose to promptly report to your immediate superior or any other senior superior, or to any departments administering such acts, or to directly use this Hitachi Global Compliance Hotline which is based upon EthicsPoint, a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool.

It is important to remember that Hitachi relies on your cooperation to take adequate and timely action to address misconduct, and strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against an individual who provides information about such violation.

You must keep your report key and password confidential and manage them in adequate and appropriate manners in accordance with Hitachi's information security policy in order to prevent spoofing or unauthorized access. To ensure that security and confidentiality is maintained, if you lose your report key or password, you will need to file a new report. Mention in the new report that it is related to a report or question you previously submitted.

See the EthicsPoint Common Questions for more information.

Report a Concern
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