A word from our Chief Executive Officer, Magomet Malsagov

I am pleased to present the PureCircle Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct (the Code) is our commitment to governing our business activities – both inside and outside the Company. Only companies that have integrated ethics in their culture, strategy and day-to-day practices are sustainable.

The Code is a living document that guides our daily business decisions and actions. In doing business the right way, we promote and ensure respect from our employees, suppliers, agents, customers, consumers and competitors. Our reputation of fairness, honesty and transparency is key and critical to our success. The Code of Conduct applies equally to our employees and business partners.

Our Company culture of forward thinking, a pioneering spirit and working with a sense of urgency and accountability is reinforced by our commitment to the principles and values in the Code of Conduct.

Each of us is individually responsible and accountable for reading, understanding and applying the Code of Conduct. The Code outlines behaviors that are expected of us, as well as providing information about where to find more detailed standards, policies and procedures.

It is our duty to raise questions and concerns if we observe a violation or suspected violation of the Code of Conduct. In doing so you protect yourself and the Company from legal and financial risk. There are multiple reporting channels available to you, including an anonymous and confidential online reporting form. Of course, in addition, you can always simply talk with your manager or a member of the Human Resources, Legal or Compliance Departments. PureCircle prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports a violation or concern in good faith.

Ethical issues are rarely simple, but it is important that we address them, even when doing so may seem difficult. Do not keep these concerns to yourself: speak up and ask for advice.

Thank you for reading and complying with the PureCircle Code of Conduct and continuing to contribute to the success of our Company.

Magomet Malsagov

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.