Panasonic is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we do business. It is important to report any potential violations of our Code of Ethics & Compliance so that we can investigate and if necessary, implement corrective measures.

Contact your supervisors, Human Resources teams, or other relevant functional teams if you have a question or concern regarding potential misconduct. You may also use EARS for a report.

Any violations or suspected violations of laws, Policies or other requirements committed in connection with Panasonic Group`s business (Compliance Issues) may be reported to EARS and also any other cases that not covered by EARS. You shall not make false reports and reports with illegitimate purposes such as defamation.

If information submitted about the time, places, persons who are reported, and actions are not enough for us to investigate your report, Panasonic may ask you to provide additional information. We may have no choice but to abandon the investigation if we cannot specify the subject of an investigation and where it is too difficult to investigate a report. We appreciate your sincere cooperation with providing information for a smooth and rapid investigation.

Please do not hesitate to report or consult about Compliance Issues. Panasonic will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises concerns, reports misconduct, or asks for advice in good faith. Retaliation for reporting a concern in good faith is a violation of our Code of Ethics & Compliance and should be reported.

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