Firmenich Speak Up Platform

Zero Tolerance for Retaliation

We understand that the decision of speaking up is difficult, Firmenich will not retaliate, and will not tolerate retaliation, against any individual who reports a valid concern in good faith or who participates in the following up of such a concern. Any act of retaliation may lead to disciplinary measures or legal actions. If you experience retaliation for reporting or supporting a report of a concern, report it immediately. If you experience retaliation from a manager or the internal resource to whom you originally reported, report the retaliation to a different internal resource.

What Will Happen?

Our Speak Up Policy details what to expect. In a nutshell, the receiver will acknowledge receipt of your concern. The person handling the case will decide on next steps, which could be opening an investigation, asking for more information, or not taking further action for lack of information / facts to proceed. You will receive periodically updates on the investigation, until the closure of the case. The investigation will be registered, and the records will be kept confidential. The more details of the case you can give, more effective can be the investigation. If you chose to not be anonymous, the investigation team can easier contact you for more information is needed, accelerated and improving the quality of the investigation.

Report Via Mobile

We all have the responsibility to speak up when we see a violation of our Code, our policies, or the law. By reporting concerns we protect Firmenich, our workplace and ourselves. Firmenich also encourages third parties to report concerns through the Firmenich Speak Up Platform.