The FLSmidth Whistleblower Hotline

FLSmidth has done successful business for more than 135 years all over the world. One serious case of bribery of fraud could potentially ruin this legacy. At FLSmidth, we are not interested in business based on improper payments or problems solved by illegal means. We will never compromise our integrity for the sake of business.

The hotline can be used for two purposes: As a whistleblower Hotline or as a Human Rights Grievance Mechanism.

Use the Whistleblower Hotline if you know about a wrongdoing or if you feel under pressure to break our Code of Business Conduct. Relevant topics to report through the Whistleblower Hotline includes serious, potentially illegal activities, such as bribery, fraud, conflicts of interest or breaches of trade sanctions. Select any other issue type than ‘Human rights’ to report through the whistleblower hotline. You may choose to report anonymously.

Use the Human Rights Grievance Mechanism if you know about a human rights violation related to FLSmidth’s operations or business relationships, such as unsafe working conditions or discrimination.To file a complaint to the Human Rights Grievance Mechanism, select the ‘Human Rights’ issue type when filing a report online or state so over the telephone. We recommend that you do not file human rights grievances anonymously.

In either case, the hotline is a highly encrypted reporting service provided by a third party. Full confidentiality and anonymity is guaranteed. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and available in several languages. The hotline is open for reporting from employees as well as business partners and other stakeholders.

DO NOT report personal, non-criminal or human resource-related matters via the Whistleblower Hotline. Take the issue up with your manager or with HR.

See the FAQ for more information.