Our Commitment

Operating with integrity every day is central to how we do business. The ADNOC Group are committed to doing business ethically and in compliance with applicable laws. This commitment is manifested in our Code of Conduct, anti-bribery and corruption policies and the Takallam Ethics Helpline which are designed to:

  1. Foster the highest ethical standards;
  2. Detect, report, address and deter misconduct; and
  3. Support our commitment to integrity in everything we do.

The Takallam Ethics Helpline is one way for people to report behavior that does not meet our expectations of ethical conduct. It extends to cover the actions of our employees and also those who work on our behalf such as contractors and other third parties. Takallam is not for the reporting and resolution of HR issues, which should be resolved by following the HR Grievances Process in place at every ADNOC Group company.

Out of respect for those who take the time to report genuine concerns in good faith, reports made for personal motivations will not be tolerated.

How it Works

We are each responsible for applying the principles of our Code of Conduct in every business decision we make. We are also responsible for reporting violations we are aware of and for protecting those who do report genuine concerns in good faith from retaliation. Takallam is for reporting issues for the overall good of the ADNOC Group, not for personal benefit. Malicious reporting will not be tolerated.

You are encouraged to raise any concern you have directly with your line manager, HR representative, senior management or your Compliance Officer first. The confidentiality of that report will be respected. If you are not comfortable raising your concerns through any of these channels, you may report a possible or potential violation of our Code of Conduct through this Takallam Ethics Helpline.

When using Takallam, you are not required to identify yourself – you can do so anonymously if you choose. Bear in mind that non-specific, unsubstantiated allegations from an anonymous reporter may not be investigated.

If you choose to identify yourself, your identity will be treated confidentially and shared only with the small number of people who have a need to know or who are responsible for dealing with reports and investigations.

The ADNOC Group does not tolerate retaliation against any employee for using the Takallam Ethics Helpline (or any other appropriate channel) to report an ethical or legal concern in good faith. Individuals that raise red flags about possible unethical behavior play an important role in maintaining our ethical workplace, ensuring we are a high performance business that delivers in the right way by doing the right thing at all times.

To learn more about the Takallam Ethics Helpline, please visit our frequently asked questions.