Welcome to SKF’s ethics and compliance reporting line

Follow up on a Report
Report Key:

For an international company such as SKF to be consistently successful, it is vital that each and every one of us ensure that when performing our duties, or when we are perceived to be representing SKF, acts in an economically, socially and ethically responsible manner.

We are responsible for our own actions and behaviour. We also have a duty to react when we become aware of non-compliance and misbehaviour of others. If you become aware of any decisions, behavior or actions that are not in line with SKF’s Code of Conduct, you shall report this to your immediate manager. If for some reason you feel you cannot or should not report the issue to your manager, you can bring the issue to the attention of your manager’s manager or to the Country Manager.

If you feel you cannot report this issue via your management structure, you can use SKF’s ethics and compliance reporting line. You can submit your report anonymously, unless you are located in a country where this is not allowed due to privacy laws. Your report will be handled strictly confidential and SKF will not allow any retaliation related to concerns reported in good faith. You will, within 5-10 working days, receive a confirmation that your report has been received. Additional feedback will be provided as the investigation proceed to the extent this is appropriate.