If you are a Novartis employee and want to report a new concern: Novartis has moved their reporting platform from EthicsPoint to CaseIQ. After October 5, 2023, please visit the CaseIQ website available on go/speakup accessible via Novartis Intranet.

If you are not an employee, kindly go to novartis.com site and section on misconduct reporting.

If you want to follow-up on a Novartis concern raised in EthicsPoint before October 5, 2023: Novartis has posted an update message in your case file to continue to communicate with the SpeakUp office on your open matter. You can either:

  1. Re-open a case in CaseIQ on or after October 5th. If you choose this option, please indicate you are resubmitting your case and include old Report Key #, which you received when you initially reported your concern in EthicsPoint. This will ensure we link your prior report in EthicsPoint in the new CaseIQ system.


  2. Alternatively, you can email the SpeakUp Office at, speak.up@novartis.com, for an update or status on your concern. Your anonymity is important to us and we will keep your identity confined to only the SpeakUp Office

    OR - Sandoz employees

  3. If you want to follow-up on a Sandoz report made through EthicsPoint, you can do so with your known report key and password through this website or at https://sandozspeakup.ethicspoint.com/. Your follow-up will be redirected to the Sandoz SpeakUp Office.

If you are a Sandoz employee and want to report a new concern: You can report your concern directly to the Sandoz SpeakUp office after October 3, 2023 by clicking here: https://sandozspeakup.ethicspoint.com/

Novartis SpeakUp Office Line

The Novartis SpeakUp Office Line is an externally hosted confidential online and telephone helpline. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This service is provided for employees and others to submit a report regarding a potential misconduct.

This is a globally managed process. If you prefer to report locally, please contact speak.up@novartis.com for further details.


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