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Husky Energy Inc.
Accepting Payments and Entertainment Officers or employees of Husky cannot accept any funds or assets for assisting a person or entity to obtain business or to ensure special concessions from Husky.
Bribery or Other Offering of Payments Illegal or improper payment on behalf of Husky to any government agency, person or entity is prohibited. The offer, promise, authorization or approval of the use of corporate funds or property for the payment of money or the giving of any thing of value to aforementioned parties in order to influence them or act or fail to act in any official capacity. Additionally this includes the payment of kickbacks to obtain business for Husky.
Company Resources Theft, pilferage, willful damage, or misuse of Husky property is prohibited. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination for cause. Husky might also report the violation to the appropriate police authority.
Compliance with Laws All employees should recognize, be familiar with, and comply with applicable government laws, rules, and regulations.
Conflict of Interest Employees should disclose all situations in which personal interests conflict with duties to Husky, or the interests of Husky. A conflict of interest arises when someone is in a position or situation which could benefit themselves, a member of their family or someone with whom they are associated, and that benefit is at the expense of Husky, or results in lost opportunity for Husky.
Fair Competition Husky employees who are in a position to make or influence Husky commitments to suppliers of goods and services must not use their positions for the solicitation of funds or goods for charitable or any other purposes not related to their employment.
Health, Safety and Environment Operational integrity at Husky means conducting all activities safely and reliably so that the public is protected, impact to the environment is minimized, the health and well-being of employees is safeguarded, contractors and customers are safe, and physical assets are protected from damage or loss.
Human Resources Human Resources concerns not specifically addressed by any of the other categories.
Political Contributions Husky employees must not make political contributions on behalf of Husky. All contributions are the responsibility of the President and Chief Executive Officer.
Privacy Husky has appointed two Privacy Officers to oversee all aspects of Husky’s privacy policy and practices (the Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary and the Senior Vice President, Human & Corporate Resources). If you have any privacy related questions or concerns, you may contact Husky’s Privacy Officers by submitting a report. To access Husky's corporate privacy statement, please refer to the "Privacy Statement" link at the bottom of
Proper Record-Keeping Husky's books, records and accounts must be reflected accurately, fairly, in reasonable detail, and in a timely manner. This additionally includes the reporting of all transactions, acquisitions, disposition of assets and other business affairs of Husky.
Other Other concerns not specifically addressed by any of the other categories.